Great Grand Master Villari

Great Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari is one of the greatest Martial Arts Masters in the world today, and the founder of the art Shaolin-Kempo- Karate. A renowned teacher, Grandmaster Villari instructs masters from around the globe who seek to discover the secrets behind his unbeatable fighting system.

His genius revolutionized and improved the martial arts, gearing it toward practical fighting for the 21st century. No other master or system can take credit for the unique fighting system of Grandmaster Villari - the Villari Shaolin-Kempo-Karate System. He made a Grandmaster Fred Villarivaluable contribution to Asian martial arts in the western world, a history that cannot be disputed. Grandmaster Villari brought the way of the Asian fighting arts to ordinary people. Before him, teaching the martial arts on a large scale was taboo. He demystified the myth that only a few select people could have the ability and intelligence to learn the martial arts. He courageously broke from the tradition in showing westerners of all ages and cultures "the way of the Asian fighting arts". Grandmaster Villari's personal effects created the turning point in teaching of martial arts on a large scale.

One of the unique characteristics of the Villari name has been the de-emphasis of tournament competition and the increased focus on self-development. The motto is "It is more important to be successful in life." Children are encouraged to use their newfound skills and concentration to improve their grades. Adults find their social and business lives improve with increased confidence and self-esteem. The atmosphere in a Villari's martial arts school promotes family participation rather than the Grandmaster Villari and Sensei Daveviolence so prevalent in today's society. Master Villari is a visionary who sees martial arts helping to develop the character traits lacking in today's world: respect, etiquette, and moral values that improve our society.

Since the opening of his first school 45 years ago,Great Grandmaster Villari's international organization has grown to become the largest chain of martial arts studios in the world. United Studios of Self-Defense and Villari's Self-Defense Centers started in New England in the 1960s. Since then, the international organization has grown with over 300 affiliated locations.

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