Our Chief Instructor

Greetings From our Studio Director and Master Instructor:


I would like to personally thank you for making it this far, if you are reading this you have more than just a little interest in the Martial arts, you are either already involved , or you are searching for that little piece of inspiration that will nudge you in the right direction so that you will start!

Starting is the scariest part, I know this because it was for me 25 years ago! I assure you the fear of the unknown is justified in alot of things, but I will also assure you if you choose to step into the exciting world of the martial arts you will never look back.

And so it is with great pleasure that I invite you and your family to come and experience the joy and excitment that we experience every time we come to class both as the instructors and as the students here at Villari's Studio of Self Defense in Wellington. 

All the very Best in martial Arts

David Wilson

Master Instructor

Villari's of Wellington

Villari's of Wellington.

"Fred Villari's Studios of Self Defense", a name that has been heard through out the United states for the better part of 50 years, and has been a part of the Wellington Community for 36 years and counting.

Who Is David Wilson?

Born In the Small provence of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom Mr Wilson grew up in a strong business oriented house hold and is one of seven children. Living in Ireland until the age of 16 he experienced a colorful child hood and was blessed with the ability to travel.  After moving to Jupiter Florida in 1988 he attended Jupiter High school graduating with the class of 91, it was in that final year at Jupiter High that he discovered his passion for the Villari's system of martial arts, having dabbled in martial arts at the age of 9 the interest was there but the means was not, at 17 there was no stopping him. Quickly moving through the ranks due to multiple classes each week, he quickly began assisting in classses, the fuse was lit and an instructors passion was born, at 18  he decided he wanted this to be his profession. We all know the dreams of ateenager dont always come true..At least not right away, After many of lifes challenges and several years of getting things straight in his head Mr Wilson returned to the martial arts a very focused 25 year old. The path was pretty clear, Black Belt, then Second degree, at third degree he acquired the Wellington Location with his wife and new son along for the ride. It has been 12 years since that adventure began, we are still going strong. With the support of his lovely wife Vicki and his two handsome sons Connor and Liam, Master Wilson Has never been happier..