Welcome to the questions page!

Here you will find simple answers to the questions people ask most!

Am I too Old?

No! We are never too old to gain benefit from the Martial arts! Wether it be the Shaolin class, a simple self defense course or expressing the energy of the universe in our Tai Chi class.

Is My Child too Young?

Our recommendation is 4 years old, understanding of course that all children are different, boys mature slower than girls and some 4 year olds don't act like 4 years old some act like 2 some act like 6. It is a very student by student evaluation and we generally know if its the right fit by the end of your compimentary trial class.

Is there a "Conract"?

We do not make you sign a contract, we encourage our students to stay because they want to not because a piece of paper says they have to. Remeber a Contract is a two way agreement, just as you would be stuck with us we would be stuck with you.

How often can I attend?

There are 3 class available for our 4-5 yr olds, upto 5 classes available for all other students. this all depends on your program.

How do I get Started?

Just click online special and the ball starts rolling, We have many different programs to tailor to you and your family, catering to both budget and schedule. if you want to make it real simple just

click here