Listed below are some of the basic programs available to our students. Customized programs are available for the specific needs of students on request. Both Private and group classes are available.

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up, please feel free to CONTACT US

Little Dragons (4 to 5 Years Old)

Our Little dragons Program focuses on the Development of base skills required in the Martial Arts: Balance, Focus and Coordination.  The 4 to 5 year old class takes a slower more methodical approach to these skills so that the students do not feel overwhelmed by the content.

Junior Program (6 to 14 Years Old)

Our Junior program takes a more traditional approach to the syllabus, teaching at a more progressive rate. This challenges the student to focus on Self Motivation as well as the motivation from the Instructor.

Adult Program (15 and Up)

Our Adult Program takes the Shaolin Kempo Karate Syllabus to the next level of "Application and development". We all have our own way of approaching problem solving, the Adult Classes allow us to explore our "solution mind" in a safe environment.

Tai Chi:

Our Tai Chi Program is suitable for all ages and skill levels. Our rolling curriculum allows students to easily join the class at any time.

"It is a fabulous learning and Character Building experience for your Child. The Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and they care so much about the Children. The Dojo is clean and beautiful. The equipment is in Excellent condition and safe for your kids. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

-Gwen Wright, mother to one of Junior Black Belts Dakota

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